RS Phone Extractor Pro

Get Direct Phone Numbers of your Targeted Prospects

RS Lead Prospector helps you to build your targeted prospects\’ direct phone numbers in real-time from search engines and social networking sites.
So you can connect directly with your potential prospects via SMS or Whatsapp or Cold Call with your marketing messages.

Watch how to build targeted prospects phone numbers in seconds. Just enter your targeted keyword and location,
that’s it RS Phone Prospector will do the rest to build your own phone list.

Social Networking Search

RS Phone Prospector helps you to extract unlimited contact numbers of your prospects from LinkedIn and other major social media sites without logging into it.

RS Phone Prospector is highly focused on extracting direct phone numbers of your potential prospects real-time. Specifically, LinkedIn search is most targeted and will get you detailed information of your prospect like full name, phone number, job title, company name and LinkedIn profile URL. So you can easily get start with your personalized outreach.

Pro Features

Bulk search is an advanced Pro feature which enables you to add your targeted keywords list in bulk to search phone numbers. You can add up to 100 searches in a single go which can extract approximately 15k leads on an average.

You also have an option to stop and resume extraction whenever you want with pending search.

Pro version comes with inbuilt proxy feature which enables you to scrape unlimited phone numbers anonymously without blocking your search engines or social networking websites.

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